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Team Building Games and Courses

Team Building activities help to develop individual skills and communication and enhance the bond among team members. They also serve to improve leadership skills and thinking outside the box. Adventure experiences such as kayaking help improve team dynamics and are uniquely effective. Team members are exposed to a new environment where comfort zones are expanded, normal patterns of problem solving are challenged and relationships are strengthened. Activities will enhance communication skills, creative thinking, leadership skills and overall teamwork.

Water Based

Creek and River Adventures:

Need a break from the office? Get close to nature by experiencing the creeks and rivers of the Lowcountry. Explore saltwater or blackwater creeks and rivers by kayak or canoe. The tidal creeks are abundant with wildlife including bottlenose dolphins, egrets, herons, bald eagles, osprey, storks, shrimp, fiddler crabs and more. Team Building activities are incorporated into these areas as we paddle along the way. No experience necessary.


Island Adventure:

Schedule a paddle out to a barrier island in the Charleston area. We utilize several, including Crab Bank Island and Capers Island State Heritage Preserve. 


Lake Adventure:

This is a nice sheltered 80 acre piece of property that includes a 10 acre lake surrounded by the National Forest in Awendaw, SC. It has an island in the middle of it with trails throughout the property.
Our Team Building Activities run courses that include orienteering, a scavenger hunt, paddleboarding, kayaking and more. Overnight accommodations available.


Activity 1: Leading Blindly

Purpose: To enhance communication and teamwork.

Activity: Members are teamed up in tandem kayaks. While the paddling team member is blindfolded, the other team member must communicate directions to maneuver an obstacle course in the water. Team members are then switched and are forced to both listen and communicate effectively with each other in order to achieve their goal.

Activity 2: Up the Creek Without a Paddle

Purpose: To enhance creative thinking as a team.

Activity: Team members are given various objects to create a means to move and maneuver their boat through the water without a paddle. This is a fun and innovative activity that unleashes creativity.

Activity 3: Overcoming Obstacles

Purpose: To enhance teamwork, commitment, leadership and creative thinking.

Activity: With limited supplies and a few direct instructions a team must maneuver a course, collect several objects and arrive at their destination within the time constraints given. This absolutely requires creative thinking.

Activity 4: The Swap Out

Purpose: To build trust, think creatively and to work effectively as a team. 

Activity: Team members must swap boats (and partners) while in the water. This is conducted under varying circumstances with different props, and requires a high degree of communication, balance, timeliness and teamwork. Can also be conducted as a race. *This activity is conducted in safe, warm water temperatures only.

Land Based

Ice-Breaking Games - These are fun activities designed to reduce inhibitions and break down barriers. These activities are sequences of events. Participants are placed in positions where they are encouraged to try new things that may place them outside their normal comfort zones. Examples include: Naming games, People to People, Raccoon Circle and more.

Group Challenge Games - These activities revolve around problems that are real and imaginary. Ground-based obstacles (either natural or constructed) challenge a group to pool their resources and work together to find solutions. Success is achieved by an all member participation in order to complete the outcome. Examples include: The Muse, Spider's Web, Carpet Maze, Crocodile Pit, Whale Watch, Peanut Butter River, Raging River, T.P. Shuffle, Nitro Crossing, and Group Wall.

Trust-Building Games - These activities are designed to provide participants the opportunity to demonstrate their trust in other members of the group. This is conducted through a series of sequenced actions. Examples include: Willows in the Wind and Trust Fall.

More Details

We specialize in two areas when it comes to corporate training: Leadership/Team Building and Conflict Resolution. Here at Nature Adventures we believe that both areas are built on effective communication. With this in mind, we create adventures to reach each group's goals. The adventures may vary, but the importance of having purpose never will.
How does your team handle losing? Winning? Do they sometimes come up short due to a lack of teamwork, or is it because of someone's consistent inability to perform? When people are under pressure in settings outside of their comfort zones, natural instincts take over. The good news is that responses to those instincts can be trained. We create situations that expose people to sides of themselves of which they may not even be aware (and that won't get anyone in trouble with HR). We seize these discoveries as teachable moments. Potential doesn't necessarily dictate success. Performance always does.
When making any journey, before getting to where you're going, you must first know where you begin. Nature Adventures will find your coordinates and set you on the right path!

Team Building Games Can:

Improve communication
Make the workplace more enjoyable
Motivate a team
Improve personal interactions
Enhance goal setting (getting everyone on the same page)
Teach the team self-regulation strategies
Help participants learn more about themselves (strengths and weaknesses)
Identify and utilize the strengths of team members
Improve productivity
Help participants practice effective collaboration with other team members

2 - 2.5 Hour Adventure: $55 each (Non-profits are $45 each)
3 - 3.5 Hour Adventure: $70 each (Non-profits are $60 each)
6 - 8 Hour Adventure: $90 each without lunch or $100 each with lunch
(Non-profits $75 each without lunch and $85 each with lunch)

Staff: Nature Adventures employees are University Degreed and/or Master Naturalist Guides. Our Team Building expertise includes certified Team Building facilitators and trained staff.

Group Size: Nature Adventures can accommodate up to 50 participants per group comfortably. Although we own over 150 seats in kayaks and canoes, 50 is a comfortable number. Smaller groups are welcome. There is a minimum of 6 people.

Gratuity: Customary consideration is 10-20% of total trip cost for Team Building Adventures. Gratuity is also dependent on the satisfaction of the guest with the excursion.

Availability: Year-round, trip times are contingent upon company and staff availability; reservations required.

Locations: Nature Adventures Outfitters has several locations:
1) Shem Creek & Crab Bank Island in Mt. Pleasant, SC
2) Edisto River in Dorchester County (our own property)
3) Francis Marion National Forest in the Wambaw Creek Wilderness Area (a blackwater swamp flooded forest in a pristine location)
4) ACE Basin on Chessey Creek, a tributary of the Ashepoo River in Upper Colleton County
5) Bishop Jerdan Conference Center, Awendaw, SC (this property includes a 10 acre lake with an island in the middle for multiple teamwork opportunities)
6) Santee State Park

Transportation: Transportation may be provided by Nature Adventure Outfitters and will depend on group size. We have a 14 passenger bus and a 6 passenger van to accommodate 20 people. Extra fees apply for transportation.

Nature Adventures Outfitters, Inc.
Providing nature tours for the preservation of the environment 

Our Team Building activities are coordinated by our very own Ben Toy. You can see more pictures and details here.

Also check out our other adventures at www.FishEagle.net (40 ft. Pontoon Wildlife Eco-Tours) and www.PaddleSantee.com On-site at Santee State Park offering kayak, canoe and paddleboard rentals and tours


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