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Seasonal Hours

We are open 7 days a week YEAR ROUND!

March 13 through April

Open 8am - 7pm

2-hour tours offered at 8am, 10am, 2pm, and during sunset

3-hour tours offered at 9am and 1pm

Rentals available all day.


May through Labor Day

Open 8am - 8pm

2-hour tours offered at 8am, 10am, 2am, and during sunset

3-hour tours offered at 9am and 1pm

Rentals available all day.


Labor Day - End of September

Open 8am - 7pm

2-hour tours offered at 8am, 10am, 2pm, and during sunset

3-hour tours offered at 9am and 1pm

Rentals available all day.



Open 8:30am - 6:30pm

2-hour tours offered at 8am, 10am, 2pm, and during sunset

3-hour tours offered at 9am and 1pm

Rentals available all day.


November through March 12

Open 9:00am - 5pm

2-hour tours offered at 9am, 10am, 2pm, and during sunset

3-hour tours offered at 10am and 1pm

Rentals available all day.



Walk ups for rentals are accepted; for tours please make a reservation by calling us at 843-568-3222


Q: What should I wear?

A: For kayak rentals and tours, comfortable clothing that you are ok getting wet is ideal (many people opt for shorts and a t-shirt). Tennis shoes, water shoes, or other shoes that will stay on your feet are preferred over flip flops. For SUP rentals and tours, you may wish to have water shoes or Teva style sandals that strap on your feet or even old tennis shoes or crocs. Flip flops can be slippery and can cause injury. We strongly recommend wearing shoes as there are some oyster beds in the area. Most people opt for either a bathing suit, or shorts and a t-shirt. Hat, bottled water or gatorade, sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended. (Bottled water can be purchased for $1 each at our neighbor, Mt. Pleasant Seafood; our store offers hats, visors and sunscreen for purchase).


Q: Are there age restrictions?

A: Yes. Children must be at least 4 to get on the water, and at least 14 to be in a kayak or on a SUP by themselves. An adult must be present with teenagers under the age of 18. For the blackwater tours, ages 12 and up can be in a kayak by themselves. (It is also advisable to bring a snack for children.)


Q: When should I arrive?

A: If you are going on a tour, plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled tour time.


Q: Do I need a reservation?

A: For a tour, a reservation is essential, preferably at least 24 hours in advance. We will allow some walk ups for tours if there is room, however time is needed to prepare boats so only if there is time to do so, can you walk up and join a tour. For a rental, it is advised but not a necessity; please be aware that we frequently run out of SUPs and kayaks during the busy summer months so calling ahead or booking online will guarantee your reservation. 


Q: Where should I park?

A: Parking at the Mt. Pleasant Seafood location is in the public right of ways. Please do not park in Water's Edge or Vickery's parking lots unless you plan to have lunch there. If you arrive before 10:00 a.m. it will be much less crowded than any other time of day. There are multiple tours that go out at 10:00 a.m. and 2 p.m., so if you are arriving at during those times for a rental, it can take some extra time to get you on the water.


Q: What’s your cancellation policy?

A: When we take a credit card to hold your reservation we do not process it. It simply guarantees your reservation. If you do not show up however, we will process it. You can cancel your reservation with a 24 hour notice. If you have to cancel your visit within 24 hours of your reservation as a result of a family emergency, we can issue a refund upon proof. We are also happy to offer you a gift certificate for a future visit within the same year instead of a refund.


Q: What happens if I’m scheduled for a tour but it’s rainy?

A: If it’s light rain, your tour can still go out. If there is lightning or high winds, no customers will be allowed on the water. We will call you before the tour to let you know if we must cancel. It can be rainy in one part of Charleston and still be beautiful weather at your tour location; if it is raining where you are, that does not necessarily mean your tour will be cancelled. Dolphins love light rain and sometimes tours can be very interesting watching them play in it.


Q: Can my dog go out with me?

A: If it’s a tour, no animals may go out. For rentals, dogs are welcome. We highly advise a life vest for your four legged friend. If you are going on a SUP, please bring a beach towel to put on the board so the dog’s nails do not tear the padding.


Q: Can we switch out people on kayaks/SUPs if we rent one? 

A: There is an $8 switching fee per person.  We’ve had families of 4 walk up and rent 1 paddleboard.  Meaning the paddleboard would be $30 for 3 hours and an additional $8 per person X 3 = $54 for all 4.


Q: I’m doing a blackwater tour, are there bathrooms out there?

A: You will want to stop and use the facilities on your way there.  There are no restrooms at the site where we launch the kayaks. It is a wilderness area, so primitive restroom use only in the woods!


Q: I’ve never been before, do you give us instructions before we get in the water?

A: Of course! We will give you detailed instructions of how to safely paddle and maneuver in the water. We will also show you a map of the Shem creek area if you are renting in that location. Our guides will help you in and out of the water as well.


Q: How much should I tip my tour or rental guide?

A: If you had a great time, 15-25% is customary for tours. Rental staff (the guides getting you on and off the water) also appreciate a small gratuity. Most customers leave about $1 each for this.  If you didn’t have a great time, please let management know why.


Q: Can I bring my own board/boat?

A: At our Mt. Pleasant Shem creek location, our landlord will charge $20/person for people to launch their own vessels on our leased ramp.


Q: Is there a place to leave my belongings?

A: We suggest you lock valuables in your car, and we are happy to hold keys for you. If you want to take your cell phone on the water with you, you may wish to bring a dry bag or purchase one (sold for $4 on location).

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